The Yoga Hut is all about the experience, helping you feel calm, relaxed and peaceful.

Having taught yoga since 2002 in studios with dirty floors, stale air and a lot of external noise, I have always felt people aren’t getting the full benefit from their practice. The space around you makes a huge difference to the space within you and The Yoga Hut offers a real retreat  from every day stresses, and a chance to switch off for a while.

To help create a sacred space we set clear quartz, rose quartz and amethyst under the flooring to provide some gentle healing for all who come into the Hut, and to create a good energy within the room. You will find you feel better from just being inside the Hut, before you have even done anything. The under floor heating makes a huge difference, especially as sometimes you spend a lot of time on the floor, and more often than not you are in bare feet.

Like The Yoga Hut, classes are small, and personal. You will find yourself among a maximum of 4 people for yoga, and 6 people for meditation/relaxation. Mats, blankets, cushions, etc are provided, so you don’t need to remember anything, just yourself.

Everything I do is offered on a private, 1-2-1 basis which can be tailored to your specific requirements. You can have this as an individual session, or share with your family and friends. As well as traditional yoga, I offer meditation/mindfulness, relaxation, sound therapy and crystal healing.

I was a bit sceptical about trying yoga for the first time, but after my first class at the yoga hut with Sally I was hooked! The whole experience, from yoga, to meditation and relaxation in a personal and friendly environment makes me look forward to my next class! I would recommend Sally and the yoga hut to anyone!


A warm welcome to our Hut...

Our canine residents Harry and Daisy will always give you a warm welcome

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